How to flat iron at home?



1 step: Shampoo your hair. Apply hair straightening and thermal protection treatments on damp hair.

2 step: Dry your hair completely – either naturally or by means of a hair dryer. 


3 step: Carefully comb your hair and divide it into strands (clip the separate strands). 


4 step: Set your flat iron temperature at the lowest setting suitable for your hair type.


5 step: Taking strands one by one, put them between the plates so that all the hair is covered and clamp the plates together at the base near the scalp. Slide the flat iron smoothly along the hair in an uninterrupted motion to avoid the formation of horizontal lines.


6 step: Put aside the newly straightened strand and fix it with hairspray, styling mousse or gel.





  • Don’t straighten damp hair to avoid severe damage.
  • Be sure to use thermal protection products.
  • Follow instructions for use of an appliance.
  • Don’t use a flat iron on chemically treated (dyed, permed) hair.
  • Start straightening at the lowest temperature. Increase it only if necessary and do it gradually.
  • For thin and weak hair, use a lower temperature.
  • For frizzy hair, use a higher temperature.
  • Don‘t straighten your hair more than once or twice a weak.
  • To avoid burning, don’t hold a straightener on your hair in one spot for long.
  • Use cosmetic and traditional remedies for restoring the hair.  


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