10 hair straightening tips

1 tip

Before you embark on straightening your hair, especially if it involves chemical treatment, think twice. Do you really need it? If you’re not sure about this option or think there’s a risk involved, it would be better to refrain from the smoothing treatment. Luscious, curly locks are a special treasure to be protected.  It’s much more important to maintain them as healthy and strong. The cardinal change in their condition is never inconsequential. Be sure that thousands of straight-haired chicks are green with envy of this beautiful feature of yours. 


2 tip

If, after all that, you decide to straighten you hair, don’t skimp on straightening tools, hair care products and salon procedures. Your locks deserve premium quality.


3 tip

If you aspire to have quality results and minimal damage to your hair and health, seek professional help from a hairdresser or a beauty salon. A stylist there will pick the proper straightening methods and tools to suit your hair type. However, it is important that she has a prior record of straightening experience.


4 tip

Don’t hurry with a procedure. First of all, conduct a strand test to ensure that your hair responds well to the treatment. For that purpose, you may use a small lock of hair somewhere at the side or hair fringes.  


5 tip

Don’t straighten your hair too often (i.e., more regularly than 1-2 times a week).


6 tip

If you practice straightening, don’t forget to simultaneously use cosmetics and herbal preparations for hair treatment and restoration.  


7 tip

After chemical straightening, allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer.


8 tip

While using hot hair styling tools, don’t forget to apply thermo-protective treatments to shield your hair from high temperatures and static electricity.


9 tip

Don’t straighten your hair after permanent curling and permanent dyeing.


10 tip

Don’t straighten hair while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  


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