7 steps of straightening


First of all, it is important to note, that this procedure is performed at the beauty salons or hairdressers. You will not be able to perform such procedure at home and soon you will understand why:


1)    Hair has to be rinsed with the special shampoo without salt.

2)    Hair has to be completely dried with fan and divided into strands.

 3)    Each strand has to be placed with a special dressing mixture with keratin
(usually they are coconut or chocolate flavor).

 4)    Hair have to be kept with the mixture for 30-40 min

 5)    Each skein has to be straightened with the straightener that is heated up to 200-300 degrees. The process has to be repeated for 3-8 times. Due to the high temperature, protein crystallizes and fixes the inside of the hair.

 6)    Hair has to be sprinkled with clean water.

 7)    The specialist provides advice on the proper haircare after the straightening treatments.


Duration of the procedure: 2 – 5 hours, depending on the hair length and volume.



As you can see, the procedure is quite challenging and therefore, requires not only certain tools but also the skills of the professional. Improper handling of keratin mixture can result in personal health injury and even eyes or throat burn. For this reason, do no perform such procedures at home, but seek for the professional help.


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