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When hair is extremely curly and neither a fan nor comb helps, then use a hair straightener that compresses the hair (it presses hair together, heating it up, thereby straightening it).  In this way, it is possible to straighten your hair not only in the hair salon but also at home. In the hair salon, straightened hair will stay straight longer as the specialists have more experience and skills for the procedure; however, they use more chemicals than you would having your hair straightened at home.


A hair straightener is more effective than a blow dryer and is suitable for almost all types of hair. However, the result will be short-term – until the first hair moistening. Another drawback – hair straighteners cause more damage to the hair than blow dryers (drying it out). Therefore, it is not advisable to use them often and one must use special hair care after the procedure and treatment. Nevertheless, hair straightening with a hair straightener is less damaging than chemical straightening.




1. Materials that hair straightener is made of:

  • Metal devices might burn the hair a little; they also create electrostatic effect. Even though it is the cheapest straightener, it is not recommended.
  • Ceramic hair straighteners work gently, evenly distribute the heat and do not burn the hair or create electrostatic effect. It does not damage hair structure; however, it heats up slowly.
  • Tourmaline (mixtures of the crystals that emit negative ions during the heating process) hair straighteners are less damaging to the hair. They are safe and are usually used by professionals.
  • Ion ceramic hair straighteners (have negatively charged parts that add shine and healthy appearance) are safe. They also cause less damage to the hair and are used by professionals.
  • Titanium-ceramic hair straighteners smoothly slide through the hair and work gently and effectively.


2. Choose a hair straightener with several temperature options.

3. Straighteners might be suited for home use or professional use. It is possible to use a professional hair straightener at home. It is proportionally more expensive yet safer and cause less damage to the hair. It heats up a little bit faster and has more functional options and additional functions for hair styling.

4. Straightener plates:

  • The wider the plates – the wider hair lock can be straightened at the same time.
  • “Floating“ plates on a straightener reduce the risk for hair to get stuck.


For this procedure, you will need: a hair straightener, thermal protector, hair straightening products and combs.


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