Most popular wig types I

 Wigs can be various types according to these features:

1. Wig’s hair type

Natural human hair wigs

If You are wondering, which wigs are the most natural looking and which wigs last longer, the answer is – natural human hair wigs.

Natural wigs are made of natural human hair of young women’s who have never dyed or chemically processed their hair, then carefully selected and sorted. Hair undergoes a complicated process, including disinfection, nourishing masks, balms, dyeing and perming.

The highest quality hair is Remy hair – hair roots are not mixed with hair ends, hair growth direction is seen. These hair wigs look very natural, hair does not tangle, wig’s care is simple.

Advantages of human hair wigs:

  • The most natural looking wigs – practically impossible distinguish between wig and natural hair.
  • Perfect look.
  • Wig’s hair is soft, flexible, it is pleasant to touch.
  • Wigs can be dyed, curled, straightened, hair-dried, etc.
  • Natural hair is heat resistant – you can use hairdryers, hot curlers, hair straighteners, curling iron for hairstyle.
  • You can use the same hair care products as you use for own hair, you do not need to buy special wig’s care products.
  • Natural hair wigs’ lifespan is quite long (5-15 years).
  • Human hair wigs have at least a five year guarantee for the more higher quality products.
  • Human hair wigs are generally considered to hold less heat underneath cap, so it let head skin to breathe.

Disadvantages of natural hair wigs:

  • Human hair wigs should be styled after each washing, their shape is subject to the weather conditions and can be completely lost because of humidity.
  • Human hairpieces would weigh starting from 120 grams (they are heavier than artificial wigs).
  • Relatively high price (especially hand made wigs).
  • More frequent wig‘s care is needed.


Synthetic hair wigs

Modern synthetic hair wigs are not visually different from their natural counterparts. Basically, the difference between these products lies in their everyday use. Synthetic hair wigs are designed for those who want to save time - these products retain their look in all weather conditions, and even after washing. If the client prefers curls, sticking locks or large volumes and etc. then he/she should definitely opt for a synthetic hair wig.

Advantages of artificial hair wigs:

  • Quality synthetic wigs look like natural hair.
  • Relatively low price.
  • Wider assortment of hair colors and shades.
  • Synthetic hair wigs are indifferent towards weather conditions, keep hair shape quite well. Almost do not need styling even after washing.
  • Do not need frequent care – saves your time.
  • Synthetic hairpieces would be lighter and would weigh 45 to 150 grammes, on average just about 90 grammes.
  • Synthetic hair wigs despite their synthetic materials breathe very well and do not hold heat underneath even in summer.
  • Hypoallergic (do not cause allergy, unless is made of animal hair).


Disadvantages of synthetic hair wigs:

  • These wigs cannot stand any heat treatment. Thus, it is best not to use flat irons, hot rollers, hair dryers and other similar appliances to avoid ruining your synthetic wig or hairpiece (except heat resistant synthetic hair wigs).
  • In most cases it is impossible to change hairstyle, color or curl hair, except common not hot curlers or hair cutting.
  • It is needed special products for wigs’ hair care: shampoos, balsams, conditioners and etc.
  • Shorter lifespan (0.5-5 years). It depends on the quality of fiber. If the quality is low, then wig will serve not longer than 3-6 months, and in case of a high quality product (kanekalon) – from 2 to 3 years.


Mixed hair wigs

These wigs are made partly of human hair and partly of synthetic hair. The look of a wig is close to natural hair, it quite well keep hairstyle. The price of such wigs are average.


How to distinguish between human and synthetic hair wig?

The most reliable way of distinguishing between human and synthetic hair products is to smell them. You should select a single hair out of the hairpiece or a wig and burn it with fire. The human hair will immediately catch fire and smell naturally, whereas the artificial one will just melt emitting a strong synthetic smell.

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